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O God, Thou Hast Engaged Our Hearts

by T. H. Reynolds

Tune: Maryton L.M.

Tune: Maryton L.M.

1 O GOD, Thou hast engaged our hearts
With Christ Thy well-beloved Son;
Thy love a holy joy imparts,
A joy which He for us hath won.

2 Assured in faith we enter now
Thy presence, where, most blessed God,
Thy glory rests upon His brow,
Who brought us nigh to Thee by blood.

3 To Him Thy voice from out the cloud
Once spake Thy deep, Thy full delight;
And now without a veil to shroud,
In Him shines forth Thy glory bright.

4 'Tis Jesus fills that holy place
Where glory dwells, and Thy deep love
In its own fulness (known through grace)
Rests where He lives, in heaven above.

5 Yet, midst Thine own the Spirit still
Bears witness of His glory there,
And from the sphere which He doth fill
Brings knowledge of His fulness here.

6 Our God we bless Thee, Father Thou
Of Him Thy well-beloved Son;
As blest in Him before Thee bow,
And joy in all that love has done.

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