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Hymn Set: Grove City 2007 (From

Hymn: 217 - Soldiers of Christ, Arise
Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

Hymn: 23 - How Good Is The God We Adore
Tune: Celeste Dactylic

Hymn: 28 - Lamb Of God, Thou Now Art Seated
Tune: Beecher

Hymn: 56 - O Lord, How Blest Our Journey
Tune: Watcher
* Verses 3,4

Hymn: 59 - O God, Thou Hast Engaged Our Hearts
Tune: Maryton L.M.

Hymn: 90 - That Pathway! O Let It Be Treasured
Tune: Rachel

Hymn: 125 - Behold The Lamb With Glory Crowned
Tune: Paraclete C.M.

Hymn: 153 - Whom Have We, Lord, But Thee
Tune: Moreland S.M.

Hymn: 226 - And Art Thou, Gracious Master, Gone
Tune: St. Petersburg

Hymn: 244 - That Bright And Blessed Morn Is Near
Tune: Meribah

Hymn: 288 - O Thou, Whose Mercies Far Exceed
Tune: Prospect C.M.D.

Hymn: 323 - The Lord Himself Shall Come
Tune: Festal Song S.M.

Hymn: 327 - Lord Jesus, Are We One With Thee?
Tune: Richmond C.M.

Hymn: 344 - Not I, But Christ, Be Honoured, Loved, Exalted
Tune: Exaltation
* Verses 2,3,4

Hymn: 365 - Oh, The Brightness Of The Glory
Tune: Hyfrydol

Hymn: 393 - O Lord, By Faith We Look Above
Tune: Hamburg L.M.

Hymn: 395 - O Saviour We Would Contemplate Thee
Tune: Meditation 9s

Hymn: 436 - God And Father, We Adore Thee
Tune: Blaenwern

Hymn: 465 - O Holy Saviour, Friend Unseen
Tune: Flemming

Hymn: 500 - At The Name Of Jesus
Tune: Repose

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