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Lord Jesus, Are We One With Thee?

by J.G. Deck

Tune: Richmond C.M.

1 LORD Jesus, are we one with Thee?
Oh height, oh depth, of love!
Once slain for us upon the tree,
We're one with Thee above.

2 Such was Thy grace, that for our sake
Thou didst from heaven come down;
With us of flesh and blood partake,
And make our woes Thine own.

3 Our sins, our guilt, in love divine,
Confessed and borne by Thee;
The gall, the curse, the wrath were Thine,
To set Thy ransomed free.

4 Ascended now in glory bright,
Life-giving Head Thou art;
Nor life, nor death, nor depth, nor height,
Thy saints and Thee can part.

5 Soon, soon shall come that glorious day,
When, seated on Thy throne,
Thou shalt to wondering worlds display
That we with Thee are one.

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