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God And Father, We Adore Thee

by E.H. Chater

Tune: Blaenwern

1 GOD and Father, we adore Thee,
Now revealed in Christ the Son,
Joying in Thy holy presence
Through the work that He has done.

2 Filled with praise we bow before Thee;
Thou art evermore the same;
With adoring hearts we bless Thee,
Magnify Thy holy name.

3 Worship, honour, praise and glory,
Would we render unto Thee;
Heights unsearched and depths unfathomed
In Thy wondrous love we see.

4 All Thy glory shines transcendent
In the person of the Son,
Jesus Christ, Thy Well-beloved,
Who redemption's glory won.

5 In Thy presence we behold Him,
Object of Thy heart's deep love,
Boundless theme of adoration
In that scene of joy above.

6 In Thy grace Thou now hast called us
Sharers of Thy joy to be,
And to know the blessed secret
Of His preciousness to Thee.


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