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Soldiers of Christ, Arise

by G. J. Elvey (1816-1893)

Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

Tune: Diademata S.M.D.
* Verses 1,4,5.

Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

1 SOLDIERS of Christ, arise, and put your armour on,
Strong in the strength which God supplies through His eternal Son:
Strong in the Lord of Hosts, and in His mighty power,
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts, is more than conqueror.

2 Your Canaan to possess --- this is the Father's will,
Though Satan all his powers address to keep you earthbound still;
Christ in that heavenly sphere has conquering gone before.
See! your inheritance is there, and there your holy war.

3 Stand then in His great might, with all His strength endued;
But take, to arm you in the fight, the Panoply of God:
That having all things done, and all your conflicts passed,
Ye may o'ercome, through Christ alone, and stand entire at last.

4 But, above all, lay hold on faith's victorious shield;
Armed with that adamant and gold, be sure to win the field:
If faith surround your heart, Satan shall be subdued;
Repelled his every fiery dart, and quenched with God's own Word.

5 From strength to strength go on, wrestle, and fight, and pray:
Tread all the powers of darkness down, and win the well-fought day:
Still let the Spirit cry in all His soldiers, "Come";
Till Christ the Lord descend from high, and take the conquerors home.

Jeroen said ...
beautiful song, thanks for uploading!
Still let the Spirit cry in all His soldiers, "Come";
It won't take a long time!
Friday, Dec 11, 2015 : 22:23

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