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Hymn Set: Findochty 2009

Hymn: 217 - Soldiers of Christ, Arise
Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

Hymn: 364 - Have I An Object, Lord Below
Tune: St. Catherine

Hymn: 314 - Lord, To Our Souls Thy Light Is Ever Pure
Tune: O Perfect Love

Hymn: 476 - Praise The Saviour, Ye Who Know Him
Tune: Acclaim

Hymn: 492 - We Seek The Things That Are Above
Tune: Maitland C.M.

Hymn: 337 - O God Of Grace, Our Father
Tune: Webb

Hymn: 24 - His Be The Victor's Name
Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

Hymn: 39 - On His Father's Throne Is Seated
Tune: Regent Square

Hymn: 52 - Lord, We Are Thine, Bought By Thy Blood
Tune: Saved By Grace L. M. D.

Hymn: 79 - Rest Of The Saints Above
Tune: Bexhill S.M.
* Verses 4-7

Hymn: 109 - Jesus! That Name Is Love
Tune: Bethany

Hymn: 115 - Head Of The Church, Thy Body
Tune: Worship

Hymn: 137 - Jesus, Lord, We Joy Before Thee
Tune: Bullinger
* Verses 4,5,6

Hymn: 153 - Whom Have We, Lord, But Thee
Tune: Rhodes S.M.

Hymn: 160 - Oh Bright And Blessed Hope
Tune: Lathbury

Hymn: 179 - Brightness Of The Eternal Glory
Tune: Alma

Hymn: 182 - O Lord, How Blest --- As Day By Day
Tune: Reuben

Hymn: 212 - Called From Above, And Heavenly Men By Birth
Tune: Eventide

Hymn: 278 - Saviour, We Long To Follow Thee
Tune: Ignatius C.M.
* Verse 5 only.

Hymn: 278 - Saviour, We Long To Follow Thee
Tune: Ignatius C.M.

Hymn: 288 - O Thou, Whose Mercies Far Exceed
Tune: The Home C.M.D.

Hymn: 294 - O Come, Thou Stricken Lamb Of God
Tune: Brookfield L.M.

Hymn: 296 - Love Divine, All Praise Excelling
Tune: Beecher

Hymn: 316 - We Are By Christ Redeemed
Tune: Priory
* Verse 1 only.

Hymn: 320 - Farewell To This World's Fleeting Joys
Tune: Ignatius C.M.

Hymn: 348 - Blest Lord, Thou Spakest! 'Twas Thy Voice
Tune: Warwick C.M.

Hymn: 381 - Saviour, Lead Us By Thy Power
Tune: Beecher

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