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Have I An Object, Lord Below

by G.W. Frazer

Tune: Saved By Grace L. M. D.
* Verses 2 and 3 only.

Tune: St. Catherine

Tune: Saved By Grace L. M. D.

1 HAVE I an object, Lord, below,
Which would divide my heart from Thee;
Which would divert its even flow
In answer to Thy constancy?
Oh, teach me quickly to return,
And cause my heart afresh to burn!

2 Have I a hope, however dear,
Which would defer Thy coming, Lord,
Which would detain my spirit here,
Where nought can lasting joy afford?
From it, my Saviour, set me free
To look and long and wait for Thee.

3 Be Thou the object bright and fair
To fill and satisfy the heart;
My hope to meet Thee in the air,
And nevermore from Thee to part;
That I may undistracted be
To follow, serve, and wait for Thee.

Charlene said ...
Back in High School, I read Elizabeth Elliott's book, The Shadow of the Almighty, and found the words by G.W. Frazer, "Have I an object here below, which would divide my heart from Thee ...". The verses resonated with my heart, so I wrote some music to the lyrics.

Now, 64 years later, I still remembered the tune I wrote, but not all the verses, so my son helped me find them here. I see that someone put them to the music of Grant C. Tullar, 1898 called, Face To Face, a hymn Dr. Robert Berglund, choir director of Bethel College Choir in the 60's beyond used in his beautiful arrangement of 3 hymns like it. As I sing Face to Face with its own verses, I'm glad I wrote my original tune, so I can now sing all the verse to - Have I an Object.

Thank you for putting the words online so others like myself can take them to heart.

Saturday, Jan 27, 2024 : 08:33

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