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Hymn Set: Grove City 2015 (From

Hymn: 364 - Have I An Object, Lord Below
Tune: Saved By Grace L. M. D.

Hymn: 4 - Ere God Had Built The Mountains
Tune: Lymington

Hymn: 7 - Thy Grace, O Lord, That Measured Once The Deep
Tune: Toulon

Hymn: 119 - O Head Once Full Of Bruises
Tune: Passion Chorale

Hymn: 135 - We Joy In Our God, And We Sing Of That Love
Tune: Hanover

Hymn: 279 - Thou, Lord, Thyself, The Bright, The Morning Star
Tune: Ellers

Hymn: 292 - Hallelujah! Christ Hath Conquered ---
Tune: Calvary

Hymn: 306 - What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Tune: Converse

Hymn: 316 - We Are By Christ Redeemed
Tune: Priory

Hymn: 318 - O Lamb Of God, Still Keep Us
Tune: Petition

Hymn: 361 - In Heavenly Love Abiding
Tune: Confidence

Hymn: 368 - There Is No Other Name Than Thine
Tune: Old Hundredth L.M.

Hymn: 382 - Love Bound Thee To The Altar
Tune: St. Christopher

Hymn: 384 - The Sands Of Time Are Sinking
Tune: Rutherford

Hymn: 427 - 'Tis The Church Triumphant Singing
Tune: 'Peace, be still'

Hymn: 444 - Jesus, God's Lamb, In The Midst
Tune: Lobe den Herren P.M.

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