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Thou, Lord, Thyself, The Bright, The Morning Star

by Miss Christiana Helene von Poseck

Tune: Ellers

1 THOU, Lord, Thyself, the Bright, the Morning Star
Wilt soon arise and chase our woes afar;
What gladness then, what bliss without a cloud,
Shall fill these hearts so oft with sorrow bowed!

2 Lord Jesus, shall we gaze upon Thy face ---
That face of perfect beauty, love and grace?
That blessed form, once nailed upon the tree,
Lord, shall these very eyes in glory see?

3 We shall, we shall! for Thou hast said it, Lord,
And faith rests ever on Thy changeless word:
"Behold, I come," "surely I quickly come;"
E'en so, Amen: oh, take Thy loved ones home!

4 Lord Jesus, come: the Spirit calls for Thee,
The bride desireth sore Thy face to see;
Lord Jesus, come: our hearts within us burn,
We hasten forth to greet Thy glad return.

alan nattrass said ...
Wonderful words and sentiments. She had a deep understanding of Scripture, and the truth of the Lord's soon return for his Church.
Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 : 01:57

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