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Saviour, We Long To Follow Thee

by J.G. Deck

Tune: Spohr C.M.

Tune: Ignatius C.M.
* Verse 5 only.

Tune: Ignatius C.M.

1 SAVIOUR, we long to follow Thee,
Daily Thy cross to bear,
And count all else, whate'er it be,
Unworthy of our care.

2 We are not now our own, but Thine,
The purchase of Thy blood,
And made, by grace and love divine,
The sons and heirs of God.

3 Thy Spirit, too, the present seal
Of all the Father's love,
Dwells in our souls and does reveal,
The glorious rest above.

4 Thy life is now beyond the grave;
Our souls Thou hast set free;
Life, strength, and grace in Thee we have,
For we are one with Thee.

5 O teach us so the power to know
Of risen life with Thee;
Not we may live while here below,
But Christ our life may be.


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