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We Joy In Our God, And We Sing Of That Love

by W. Yerbury (d. 1863)

Tune: Hanover

1 WE joy in our God, and we sing of that love,
So sovereign and free, which did His heart move,
When lost our condition, all ruined, undone,
He saw with compassion, and spared not His Son.

2 His Son, His delight, His loved one He gave
The wrath to endure, by suffering to save;
Sure love so amazing, unmeasured, untold,
Since Him it hath given, no good will withhold.

3 We praise then our God; how rich is His grace!
We were far from Him once, estranged from His face.
By blood we are purchased, are cleansed and made nigh,
And blessed in His presence, in Jesus on high.

Laxman Khadka said ...
Really good song and it’s really helpful. Thank you for uploading it here. God bless you all.
Wednesday, Jan 8, 2020 : 11:07

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