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Farewell To This World's Fleeting Joys

by William Trotter

Tune: Ignatius C.M.

1 FAREWELL to this world's fleeting joys,
Our home is not below;
There was no home for Jesus here,
And 'tis to Him we go,

2 To Him in yonder home of love,
Where He has gone before,
The home He changed for Calvary's cross,
Where all our sins He bore.

3 He bore our sins that we might be
His partners on the throne,
The throne He'll shortly share with those
For whom He did atone.

4 Up to our Father's house we go,
To that sweet home of love:
Many the mansions that are found,
Where Jesus dwells above!

5 And He who left that home above,
To be a sufferer here,
Has left this world again, for us
A mansion to prepare.

6 To all His ransomed ones He'll give,
(To us amongst the rest)
With Him to dwell, with Him to reign,
With Him for ever blest.

7 Farewell, farewell, poor faithless world,
With all thy boasted store;
We'd not have joy where He had woe ---
Be rich where He was poor.

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