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His Be The Victor's Name

by S. Whitlock Gandy (d. 1851)

Tune: Falcon Street S.M.

Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

1 HIS be the Victor's name
Who fought the fight alone;
Triumphant saints no honour claim,
His conquest was their own.

2 By weakness and defeat,
He won the meed and crown;
Trod all our foes beneath His feet
By being trodden down.

3 He Satan's power laid low;
Made sin, He sin o'erthrew;
Bowed to the grave, destroyed it so,
And death by dying slew.

4 Bless, bless the Conqueror slain,
Slain in His victory;
Who lived, who died, who lives again ---
For thee, His church, for thee!

Julie said ...
You have a different tune / different meter listed here.
Sunday, Jun 13, 2021 : 08:35
Janine said ...
What does meed and crown mean? I can’t find meed in any of my dictionaries even the 1828 Webster. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In Christ, Janine
Friday, Apr 8, 2022 : 19:40
Tom said ...

Revelation 22:12-14

Wycliffe Bible

12 Lo! I come soon, and my meed with me, to yield to each man after his works.


It's in other places in the Wycliffe version too. I'm sure someone can give a more complete answer though?

Friday, Apr 8, 2022 : 19:54
Jonathan said ...




noun: meed; plural noun: meeds a person's deserved share of praise, honour, etc. "he must extract from her some meed of approbation"

Oxford ED

Friday, Apr 8, 2022 : 21:53
Nick Fleet said ...
In the context of the hymn and Rev 22:12, meed = well-deserved reward or prize.
Saturday, Apr 9, 2022 : 00:33
Janine said ...
Thank you to all, and a special thank you to Nick Fleet so very kind. In Christ
Saturday, Apr 9, 2022 : 21:48
Janine said ...
Johnathan thank you for the references I can use they will be of much help
In my hunt for meaning thank you so much. In Christ, Janine
Saturday, Apr 9, 2022 : 21:52

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