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His Be The Victor's Name

by S. Whitlock Gandy (d. 1851)

Tune: Falcon Street S.M.

Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

1 HIS be the Victor's name
Who fought the fight alone;
Triumphant saints no honour claim,
His conquest was their own.

2 By weakness and defeat,
He won the meed and crown;
Trod all our foes beneath His feet
By being trodden down.

3 He Satan's power laid low;
Made sin, He sin o'erthrew;
Bowed to the grave, destroyed it so,
And death by dying slew.

4 Bless, bless the Conqueror slain,
Slain in His victory;
Who lived, who died, who lives again ---
For thee, His church, for thee!

Julie said ...
You have a different tune / different meter listed here.
Sunday, Jun 13, 2021 : 08:35
Janine said ...
What does meed and crown mean? I can’t find meed in any of my dictionaries even the 1828 Webster. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In Christ, Janine
Friday, Apr 8, 2022 : 19:40
Tom said ...

Revelation 22:12-14

Wycliffe Bible

12 Lo! I come soon, and my meed with me, to yield to each man after his works.


It's in other places in the Wycliffe version too. I'm sure someone can give a more complete answer though?

Friday, Apr 8, 2022 : 19:54
Jonathan said ...




noun: meed; plural noun: meeds a person's deserved share of praise, honour, etc. "he must extract from her some meed of approbation"

Oxford ED

Friday, Apr 8, 2022 : 21:53
Nick Fleet said ...
In the context of the hymn and Rev 22:12, meed = well-deserved reward or prize.
Saturday, Apr 9, 2022 : 00:33
Janine said ...
Thank you to all, and a special thank you to Nick Fleet so very kind. In Christ
Saturday, Apr 9, 2022 : 21:48
Janine said ...
Johnathan thank you for the references I can use they will be of much help
In my hunt for meaning thank you so much. In Christ, Janine
Saturday, Apr 9, 2022 : 21:52
Rena said ...
NKJV says... My reward is with me
Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022 : 17:46
Syd said ...
All the answers are good and right. Yes, it's an old English word that means “a person's deserved share of praise, payment, honour, etc. in recognition of a great achievement.”

It is always found in hymns or commentaries directed to Christ in that He came in meekness and lowliness to do His Father’s will, and that His death was seen to be weakness and folly in the eyes of men of this world. Phil 2: 8, 9 helps us to appreciate that, “as a man, He humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a name which is above every name: (Phil 2:8, 9). And so, “He won the meed and crown.”
Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022 : 21:12

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