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O Lord, How Blest --- As Day By Day

by T. Porter

Tune: Hull

Tune: Hull

Tune: Hull

Tune: Hull

Tune: Reuben

1 O LORD, how blest --- as day by day
We pass along our pilgrim way ---
To know that we are Thine!
Thine --- through redemption's precious blood,
Which cleansed, which brought us nigh to God
In righteousness divine.

2 Thine, ever Thine --- to be with Thee ---
For where Thou art Thine own must be,
Love will not be alone;
Love's resting-place together shared
By Thee, by those Thou hast declared
Through grace to be Thine own.

3 O Lord, in meek and godly fear,
To follow and to serve Thee here,
Do Thou our hearts incline;
To be for Thee where Thou hast been,
Until we reach Thee in that scene
Where Thou wilt own us Thine.

4 Lord, may we always own Thy claim,
And overcoming in Thy name
From earthliness be free.
And by the daily manna fed,
Renewed in strength, the path we'd tread
Which leads us up to Thee.

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