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Tune: Hull

by S. Chandler, born 1760


Paul said ...
I'm looking for S. Chandler's first name.

Appreciate your help,
Thursday, Jul 19, 2018 : 00:32
Timothy Stunt said ...
Solomon Chandler (1756-1827), an American from (I believe) Connecticut. Hull is commonly sung to Catherine Winkworth's "Fear not, O Little flock, the foe, who madly seeks your overthrow..." which is a translation of a German piece by Johann Altenburg. Timothy Stunt
Thursday, Jul 19, 2018 : 04:01
Daryl said ...
I thought you sing a hymn with The Holy Spirit...consequently hymns are sung in unity and harmony......not here...this is every single one of these recordings there seems to be a problem in keeping together!!...the lead singer seems to think he is in a race and the others have trouble keeping up!!
Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020 : 17:55
Jonathan said ...
If to sing a hymn 'with the Holy Spirit' must imply tonal and rhythmic perfection then we can probably write off all hymn singing from the beginning of the Christian dispensation to its end. Fortunately most visitors to these pages have appreciated the efforts of the hymn singers who were no doubt fulfilling the Scriptural injunction. Well done them.
Thursday, Oct 15, 2020 : 04:53

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