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O Joyful Day! O Glorious Hour

by Thomas Kelly (1769-1854)

Tune: Hull

1 O JOYFUL day! O glorious hour!
When Jesus, by almighty power,
Revived and left the grave;
In all His works behold Him great,
Before, almighty to create,
Almighty now to save.

2 The First-begotten from the dead,
He's risen now, His people's Head,
And thus their life's secure;
And if, like Him, they yield their breath,
Like Him they'll burst the bonds of death,
Their resurrection sure.

3 Why should His people, then, be sad?
None have such reason to be glad
As those redeemed to God:
Jesus, the mighty Saviour, lives,
To them eternal life He gives,
The purchase of His blood.

4 Then let our gladsome praise resound,
And let us in His work abound,
Whose blessed name is Love;
We're sure our labour's not in vain,
For we with Him ere long shall reign,
With Jesus dwell above.

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