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That Bright And Blessed Morn Is Near

by G.W. Frazer

Tune: Meribah

1 THAT bright and blessed morn is near
When He, the Bridegroom, shall appear,
And call His bride away.
Her blessing then shall be complete,
When with her Lord she takes her seat
In everlasting day.

2 The days and months are gliding past,
Soon shall be heard the trumpet's blast
Which wakes the sleeping saints.
The dead in Christ in glory rise,
When we with them shall reach the skies,
Where Jesus for us waits.

3 What wonder, joy, and glad surprise
Shall fill our hearts as thus we rise
To meet Him in the air;
To see His face, to hear His voice,
And in His perfect love rejoice,
Whose glory then we'll share!

4 No more deferred our hope shall be,
No longer through a glass we'll see,
But clearly, face to face.
We'll dwell with Jesus then above,
Whom absent we have learned to love,
Blest objects of His grace.

5 O may this hope our spirits cheer,
While waiting for our Saviour here!
He'll quickly come again.
O may our hearts look for that day,
And to His word responsive say,
"Come, Jesus Lord, Amen".

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