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Great Captain Of Salvation

by J.G. Deck

Tune: Bishopgarth Iambic

1 GREAT Captain of salvation,
Now crowned with highest glory,
Joyful we raise
Our songs of praise,
And lowly bow before Thee;
We worship and adore Thee,
Each heart and tongue confessing
Worthy to reign,
The Lamb once slain,
Of honour, power, and blessing.

2 Thou hast the cross endured
In love beyond all measure,
The curse, the grave,
Thy saints to save,
And have us as Thy treasure;
We see Thee as the Victim
Our sins and sorrows bearing;
The Lamb, once slain,
Alive again,
The crown of glory wearing.

3 Head of the new creation,
To God's right hand ascended,
Thy saints rejoice
With heart and voice
Before Thy feet low bended;
We own Thee, Lord, exulting
In all Thy joy and glory;
And long to be
On high with Thee,
Where all shall bow before Thee.

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