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The Prince Of Life, Once Slain For Us

by R.C. Chapman

Tune: Azmon C.M.

1 THE Prince of life, once slain for us,
Is now gone up on high;
Captivity is captive led,
And Christ no more can die.

2 His word is faithfulness and truth,
"Behold, I quickly come";
And faith, that counts the promise sure,
Can pierce the midnight gloom.

3 Far spent already is the night,
In hope we hail the day
Of our beloved Lord's return
To wipe all tears away.

4 Jesus, at the appointed hour,
In glory shall appear;
Then, fashioned by His mighty hand,
We shall His image bear.

5 Soon shall the saints with glory crowned
Dwell in that cloudless light,
And see their Lord in glory owned,
Heaven's constant sweet delight.

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