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Lord, We Love To Trace Thy Footprints

by Frances Bevan

Tune: Friendship

1 LORD, we love to trace Thy footprints
Here amidst the desert sand,
Ponder o'er Thy path of suffering ---
Wondrous heart and healing hand;
Learn Thy love at Bethlehem's manger,
Hear Thee still the raging wave,
See Thee at the well of Sychar,
On the cross, and in the grave.

2 Lord, we bow in adoration
As we watch that stream of love;
Find its mighty tide still flowing
From Thee now as crowned above.
'Tis a love no heart can fathom,
Which to us Thou dost unfold,
Inexhaustible and boundless ---
Wondrous theme that ne'er grows old.

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