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O Lord, Thy Love's Unbounded

by J.N. Darby

Tune: Lancashire

1 O LORD, Thy love's unbounded,
So sweet, so full, so free;
My soul is all transported
Whene'er I think on Thee.

2 Yet, Lord, alas, what weakness
Within myself I find:
No infant's changing pleasure
Is like my wandering mind.

3 And yet Thy love's unchanging,
And doth recall my heart
To joy in all its brightness ---
The peace its beams impart.

4 Yet sure, if in Thy presence
My soul still constant were,
Mine eye would, more familiar,
Its brighter glories bear.

5 And thus Thy deep perfections
Much better should I know,
And with adoring fervour
In this Thy nature grow.

6 Still sweet 'tis to discover,
If clouds have dimmed my sight,
When passed, eternal Lover,
Towards me, as e'er, Thou'rt bright.

7 O keep my soul, then, Jesus,
Abiding still with Thee;
And if I wander, teach me
Soon back to Thee to flee,

8 That all Thy gracious favour
May to my soul be known;
And, versed in this Thy goodness,
My hopes Thyself shalt crown.

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