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Sing, Without Ceasing Sing

by J.N. Darby

Tune: Venice S.M.

Tune: Venice S.M.

1 SING, without ceasing sing
The Saviour's present grace,
How all things shine in light divine
For those who've seen His face.

2 He's gone within the veil,
For us that place has won;
In Him we stand, a heavenly band,
Where He Himself is gone.

3 There all's unsullied light,
Our hearts let in its rays;
And heavenly light makes all things bright,
Seen in that blissful gaze.

4 Such here on earth we are,
Though we in weakness roam;
Our place on high, God's self so nigh,
His presence is our home.

5 And stayed by joy divine,
As hireling fills his day,
Through scenes of strife and desert life
We tread in peace our way.

6 That way is upward still,
Where life and glory are;
Our rest's above, in perfect love
The glory we shall share.

7 For ever with the Lord,
For ever like Him then,
We'll see His face in that blest place,
Our Father's house in heaven.

Bos Menzies said ...
What a moving experience to hear the Castlewellan and Kilkeel renderings of this profoundly thoughtful poem by J N Darby.

The dazzling glory that lies "beyond the veil" is simply expressed in the lines "all things shine in light divine". Here we can see how the structure of the poem facilitates the theme Darby is developing.

Look at line 3 in each of the verses. Here a rhyme is formed between the 4th syllable and the eighth syllable. This makes a regular break in the longest lines of the poem. Darby's poetry always amazes me. Darby, whose prose writing is characterised by long complex (tortured, even) sentences, achieves profundity through simple sounding verse.

So, "heavenly light makes all things bright". The way into the holiest – beyond the veil – has been opened to us by our Lord Jesus. (Hebrews 10: 19,20) However, we are on a pilgrimage from our present time, space, matter life "on earth". Darby's verb "roam" seems purposeless, but our destination is focused: "our rest's above in perfect love".

Here we experience "scenes of strife and desert life", but in contrast Darby sees us treading our way in peace. The goal of course, is to see Jesus. He is our strength in this place of pilgrimage and struggle. "In Him we stand, a heavenly band".

The aim we pursue is to be with him, and like him. "we'll see his face in. that blest place".

I could go on… but thank you so much to both of these groups of folk who sing of Christian experience and hope with such clarity.
Thursday, Jun 3, 2021 : 18:29
Margaret said ...
Thank you so much for making these songs of praise available......what a blessing to read the words and hear the voices praising God. Thank you and God bless you
Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022 : 15:14
Gregory Morris said ...
I was about to say that the name is the name of Castlewellan but the piano is the piano of Grove City but this one isargually better
Thursday, Jan 5, 2023 : 06:41

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