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O God Of Grace, Whose Saving Power

by F.B. Hole

Tune: Bishopgarth Iambic

1 O GOD of grace, whose saving power
Can reach the chiefest sinner,
We seem to reach earth's darkest hour,
The ranks of faith grow thinner;
Before Thee now in thought we stand,
Our sin, our need confessing;
We long to see Thy gracious hand
Bestow eternal blessing.

2 Earth's honours fade, its glories pale;
How soon is told life's story!
And nothing can the least avail
To meet the claims of glory.
If Thou, Lord Jesus, hadst not been
In death, Thy work completed,
We never had salvation seen,
Nor viewed our foes defeated.

3 Thou sittest, Lord, upon the throne,
Above this world of sadness;
Thou hearest every sinner's groan;
Let woe be changed to gladness;
Stretch out Thine arm, and from above,
Through every tribe and nation,
Roll forth the tide of saving love,
O God of all salvation.

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