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Oh Bright And Blessed Hope

by J.N. Darby

Tune: Lathbury

1 OH bright and blessed hope!
When shall it be,
That we His face, long loved,
Revealed shall see?
Oh! when, without a cloud,
His features trace,
Whose faithful love, so long,
We've known in grace?

2 That love itself enjoy,
Which, ever true,
Did, in our feeble path,
Its work pursue!
O Jesus! not unknown,
Thy love shall fill
The heart in which Thou dwell'st,
And shalt dwell still!

3 Still, Lord, to see Thy face,
Thy voice to hear;
To know Thy present love,
For ever near;
To gaze upon Thyself
So faithful known,
Long proved in secret help
With Thee alone;

4 To see that love, content
On us flow forth,
For ever Thy delight,
Clothed with Thy worth.
Nor, what is next Thy heart,
Can we forget;
Thy saints, O Lord, with Thee
In glory met.

5 Perfect in comeliness
Before Thy face,
Th' eternal witness, all,
Of Thine own grace;
Together, then, their songs
Of endless praise,
With one harmonious voice,
In joy they'll raise!

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