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Lord, What Is Man? 'Tis He Who Died

by J.G. Deck

Tune: Melita

1 LORD, what is man? 'Tis He who died
And all Thy nature glorified,
Thy righteousness and grace displayed
When He for sin atonement made,
Obedient unto death, was slain ---
Worthy is He o'er all to reign.

2 Thy counsels ere the world began
All centred in the Son of man,
Him destined to the highest place,
Head of His church through sovereign grace.
To Him, enthroned in Majesty,
Let every creature bend the knee.

3 Worthy, O Son of man, art Thou
Of every crown that decks Thy brow;
Worthy art Thou to be adored
And owned as universal Lord;
Oh, hasten that long-promised day
When all shall own Thy rightful sway!

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