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Our God Is Light: And Though We Go

by Mary Bowley

Tune: Martyrdom C.M.

Tune: Martyrdom C.M.

1 OUR God is light: and though we go
Across a trackless wild,
Our Saviour's footsteps ever show
The path for every child.

2 At every step afresh we prove
How sure our heavenly Guide;
The faithful and forbearing love
That never turns aside.

3 Thou weariest not, most gracious Lord,
Though we may weary grow;
In season, the sustaining word
Thou giv'st our hearts to know.

4 Death's bitter waters met our thirst,
Thy cross has made them sweet;
Then on our gladdened vision burst
God's shady, cool retreat.

5 The manna and the springing well
Suffice for every need;
And Eshcol's grapes the story tell
Of where Thy path doth lead.

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