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The Father Sent The Son

by Miss Hannah Kilham Burlingham

Tune: Westland

1 THE Father sent the Son
A ruined world to save;
Man meted to the Sinless One
The cross --- the grave:
Blest Substitute from God,
Wrath's awful cup He drained;
Laid down His life, and e'en the tomb's
Reproach sustained.

2 The new and living way
Stands open now to heaven;
Thence, where the blood doth speak alway,
God's gift is given.
The river of His grace,
Through righteousness supplied,
Is flowing o'er the barren place
Where Jesus died!

3 The Lord shall come again!
The Conqueror must reign!
No tongue but shall confess Him then,
The Lamb once slain:
Jesus is worthy now
All homage to receive;
Oh, let us now before Him bow,
And to Him cleave.

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