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We Love To Sing Thy Praises

by Unknown

Tune: Llanelly

1 WE love to sing Thy praises,
O Jesus Christ the Lord;
It is our new-born gladness
Thy goodness to record:
The one absorbing treasure
That fills our heart and eye
Is love that came to suffer,
For enemies to die.

2 Oh, love beyond all telling,
Beyond all ken or thought,
Which Thou, O blessed Saviour,
To us from heaven hast brought!
In Thee we see united
Both God and man in One;
Hence power and love unmeasured
Combined in Thee are shown.

3 The power of the Creator
Gives glory to Thy name;
The love of the Redeemer
Enhances all Thy fame:
Creator and Redeemer,
Almighty Saviour Lord,
The power and love that saved us
For ever be adored.

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