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Hymn Set: Grove City 2014 (From

Hymn: 388 - Nothing But Christ, As On We Tread
Tune: Hursley L.M.

Hymn: 392 - It Passeth Knowledge
Tune: Knowledge

Hymn: 287 - Father Divine, In Grateful Love
Tune: Prospect C.M.D.

Hymn: 10 - Grace Is The Sweetest Sound
Tune: Huddersfield S.M.

Hymn: 98 - Gazing On Thee, Lord, In Glory
Tune: Rhineland

Hymn: 109 - Jesus! That Name Is Love
Tune: Bethany

Hymn: 166 - Lord, Thou Hast Drawn Us After Thee
Tune: Treasures

Hymn: 269 - We Love To Sing Thy Praises
Tune: Llanelly

Hymn: 289 - Be Still, My Soul: The Lord Is On Thy Side
Tune: Finlandia

Hymn: 299 - The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want
Tune: Crimond C.M.

Hymn: 367 - How Firm A Foundation, Ye Saints Of The Lord
Tune: Foundation 10s or 11s

Hymn: 381 - Saviour, Lead Us By Thy Power
Tune: Bavaria

Hymn: 384 - The Sands Of Time Are Sinking
Tune: Rutherford

Hymn: 403 - Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed?
Tune: Arlington C.M.

Hymn: 428 - A Mind At Perfect Peace With God
Tune: Evan C.M.

Hymn: 443 - I Was A Wandering Sheep
Tune: Lebanon S.M.D.

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