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Many Sons To Glory Bringing

by Mary Bowley

Tune: Rhineland

Tune: Rhineland

Tune: Rhineland

1 MANY sons to glory bringing,
God sets forth His heavenly name;
On we march in chorus singing,
"Worthy the ascended Lamb!"

2 God who gave the blood to screen us,
God looks down in perfect love;
Clouds may seem to pass between us,
There's no change in Him above.

3 Though the restless foe accuses,
Sins recounting like a flood,
Every charge our God refuses:
Christ has answered with His blood.

4 In the refuge God provided,
Though the world's destruction lowers,
We are safe, to Christ confided,
Everlasting life is ours.

5 And, ere long, when come to glory,
We shall sing a well-known strain,
This the never-tiring story,
"Worthy is the Lamb once slain!"

Mackie said ...
WOW! Beautiful!
Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017 : 15:28
Chuck said ...
Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done for me
Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020 : 04:53

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