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O God Of Grace, Our Father

by G.W. Frazer

Tune: Munich

1 O GOD of grace, our Father,
We bless Thy holy name,
We who enjoy Thy favour,
Made holy, without blame;
In love, which sought and found us,
And brought us nigh to Thee,
And won the rest of glory,
Our heavenly home shall be.

2 Thy deep eternal counsel
Chose us in Christ the Son
Before the earth's foundation,
Or time had yet begun;
That we might all the nearness
Of the Beloved know,
And brought to Thee as children
Our children's praises flow.

3 We worship Thee, our Father,
Soon shall Thy children be
At home in heavenly glory,
Thy house their home shall be;
We worship Thee, our Father,
And praise Thy perfect love,
Soon shall we chant Thy glory
In better strains above.

Lee James Randl. said ...

O Gott of Grace, our 'Dater Yahweh.' Thank you for this song and another song, with the Title: 'Grace of our Father's Holy - (Righteous) Name.' which wasn't done by Frederick Faber. Maybe you know the composer & author of : 'Grace of our Father's Holy Name.' Could you send me the composer's and author's name. I been looking for years for this; after my paper back hymnal was stolen, as I went to urinate, and laid the hymnal down, on the table, and came back to find; that it was that quickly stolen, by a wicked being. There was no other human in the house, at that time.

Sunday, Mar 10, 2024 : 19:08

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