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Enthroned On High, Eternal Word

by R. Morshead

Tune: Deep Harmony L.M.

1 ENTHRONED on high, eternal Word,
As Son of man, as sovereign Lord,
'Tis now by faith on Thee we rest,
Till all Thy title have confessed.

2 Thou hast our souls from sins made clean,
Thy Spirit gives us strength within;
Whilst Thou for us in all our need,
At God's right hand dost ever plead.

3 O keep us in the narrow way,
That ne'er from Thee our footsteps stray;
Sustain our weakness, calm our fear,
And to Thy presence keep us near.

4 O be it thus till that blest day
When God shall wipe all tears away;
Quickly, 'tis promised in the word,
E'en so, Amen. Come, Jesus, Lord.


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