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Glory To Thee, Our Father, God

by F.G. Burkitt

Tune: St. Peter C.M.

Tune: St. Peter C.M.
* Verses 1,5,6,7

1 GLORY to Thee, our Father, God,
Thou source of every joy;
O'erflowing praise to Thee we give;
This is our sweet employ.

2 In Thee our souls have found their rest;
Of love divine the spring,
Giver of every perfect gift,
Thy praise we gladly sing.

3 Glory to Thee, O Son of God!
We celebrate Thy worth
Thou central Sun of life and joy
In heaven and on earth.

4 Thyself the Son, the Eternal God,
The Word, the great I AM,
Revealed in flesh Thou didst become,
In nature, truly man.

5 Praise for the Holy Spirit given,
Our Teacher and our Guide,
By whom from heaven's unbounded store
Our every need's supplied.

6 The Comforter, whose service is
To glorify the Son,
To take the treasures of His love
And make them all our own:

7 Glory to Thee, God Infinite,
And praise below --- above;
Angelic hosts proclaim Thy power,
Redeemed ones sing Thy love.

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