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'Tis Sweet To Think Of Those At Rest

by S.P. Tregelles

Tune: Cross C.M.

1 'TIS sweet to think of those at rest,
Who sleep in Christ the Lord,
Whose spirits now with Him are blest
According to His word.

2 They once were pilgrims here with us;
Through Jesus now they sleep:
And we for them, while resting thus,
As hopeless cannot weep.

3 How bright the resurrection-morn
On all the saints will break!
The Lord Himself will then return
His ransomed church to take.

4 Or raised or changed His saints will meet,
All grief and care removed:
What joy 'twill be to us to greet
Each saint whom here we loved!

5 Our Lord Himself we then shall see,
Whose blood for us was shed;
With Him for ever we shall be,
Made like our glorious Head.

6 We cannot linger o'er the tomb:
The resurrection-day
To faith shines bright beyond its gloom,
Christ's glory to display.

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