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O Christ What Burdens Bowed Thy Head

by Mrs. Anne Ross Cousin

Tune: Substitution

Tune: Substitution
* Verses 1,3

1 O CHRIST, what burdens bowed Thy head!
Our load was laid on Thee;
Thou stoodest in the sinner's stead ---
To bear all ill for me.
A victim led, Thy blood was shed;
Now there's no load for me.

2 Death and the curse were in our cup ---
O Christ, 'twas full for Thee!
But Thou hast drained the last dark drop,
'Tis empty now for me.
That bitter cup --- love drank it up;
Left but the love for me.

3 Jehovah lifted up His rod ---
O Christ, it fell on Thee!
Thou wast forsaken of Thy God;
No distance now for me.
Thy blood beneath that rod has flowed:
Thy bruising healeth me.

4 The tempest's awful voice was heard,
O Christ, it broke on Thee;
Thy open bosom was my ward;
It bore the storm for me.
Thy form was scarred, Thy visage marred;
Now cloudless peace for me.

5 For me, Lord Jesus, Thou hast died,
And I have died in Thee;
Thou'rt risen: my bands are all untied;
And now Thou liv'st in me.
The Father's face of radiant grace
Shines now in light on me.

Norma said ...
This’s is wonderful to have butch the audio and text of the hymns. Blessings Always!
Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 : 23:37
Tula shankhar said ...
We really enjoy learning and singing wonderful hymns. Thank you for this sites . Till few years ago , I and my home assembly didn’t know English hymns and used sing only nepali hymns but I got this sites and started learning English hymns and now we know many . Thank you
Sunday, Nov 10, 2019 : 22:04
wiliam said ...
Thank you for these hymns that we can now sing at home in these times of "no singing in church"!!
Sunday, Sep 6, 2020 : 22:37
Jim Z said ...
Just wonderful to reminisce and recall these wonderful hymns so loaded with the truth of the Scriptures. The gospel is so thoroughly presented and inescapable for those who are lost and for those who are seeking. Thank you.
Wednesday, May 18, 2022 : 13:21
Avenel Grace said ...
I have loved this old hymn since I was a child.
My mother belonged to the Exclusive Brethren, and I married into the church. Fortunately my husband and three sons left the church in 1983. I was disappointed to find that so many of these beautiful old hymns written from the author's heart had been altered to be "spiritually correct " It is wonderful to find the originals as they were written, this one by
Mrs Cousin being one of them. Thank you.
Saturday, Oct 8, 2022 : 07:54

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