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Oh, Day Of Deepest Sorrow

by J.N. Darby

Tune: Elberfeld

1 OH, day of deepest sorrow,
Day of unfathomed grief,
When Thou didst taste the horror
Of wrath without relief.

2 Thou soughtest for compassion,
Some heart Thy grief to know,
To watch Thine hour of passion ---
For comforters in woe.

3 No eye was found to pity,
No heart to share Thy woe,
But shame and scorn and spitting:
None cared Thy name to know.

4 Then, finished all, in meekness
Thou to Thy Father's hand,
Perfect Thy strength in weakness
Thy spirit didst commend.

5 O Lord, Thy wondrous story
Our inmost soul doth move;
We ponder o'er Thy glory ---
Thy lonely path of love.

Mark said ...
My favorite hymn. Moved every time I hear it sung.
Sunday, Mar 3, 2019 : 02:46

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