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O Teach Us More Of Thy Blest Ways

by J. Hutton

Tune: Ignatius C.M.

Tune: Ignatius C.M.

Tune: Ignatius C.M.

1 O TEACH us more of Thy blest ways,
Thou Holy Lamb of God,
And fix and root us in Thy grace,
As those redeemed by blood.

2 O tell us often of Thy love,
Of all Thy grief and pain;
And let our hearts with joy confess
That thence comes all our gain.

3 For this, O may we freely count
Whate'er we have but loss;
The dearest object of our love,
Compared with Thee, but dross.

4 Engrave this deeply on our hearts
With an eternal pen,
That we may, in some small degree,
Return Thy love again.

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