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Look, Look, Ye Saints, Within The Veil

by Susannah Harrison (1752-1784)

Tune: Richmond C.M.

1 LOOK, look, ye saints, within the veil,
And raise your happy song;
Your joys can never, never fail,
For you to Christ belong.

2 O happy saints, for ever freed
From guilt and every care,
Dwell, dwell, with your exalted Head,
And let your life be there,

3 And glory in your Lord and God;
See, see Him as He is;
Your robes are spotless through His blood,
Your happiness is His.

4 O think not of this world of woe,
Though subject still to grief;
But seek your portion there to know,
For this will give relief.

5 Aye trust, for ever trust in God,
For every promise given;
And dwell with Him through Jesus' blood,

Within the veil of heaven.

Steve said ...

Thanks for uploading these additional hymns, several of which look to our future life with the Lord in heaven - a real blessing, especially after attending a funeral service earlier today.


Monday, Oct 7, 2019 : 22:17
Tom said ...
Thanks Steve .. I thought this recording in particular was a nice one, while I was playing thru them earlier.
Monday, Oct 7, 2019 : 23:57

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