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O God Of Matchless Grace

by Miss Hannah Kilham Burlingham

Tune: Liege

1 O GOD of matchless grace,
We sing unto Thy name;
We stand accepted in the place
That none but Christ could claim;
Our willing hearts have heard Thy voice,
And in Thy mercy we rejoice.

2 'Tis meet that Thy delight
Should centre in the Son,
That Thou shouldst place us in Thy sight
In Him, Thy Holy One;
Thy perfect love has cast out fear;
Thy favour shines upon us here.

3 Eternal is our rest,
O Christ of God, in Thee;
Now of Thy peace, Thy joy, possessed,
We wait Thy face to see;
Now to the Father's heart received,
We know in whom we have believed.

Simon said ...
Greetings dear beloved,
Still thank the Lord for your lovely endeavor in His noble service.

I would like to suggest that you should help us change the drag hymn number selection method to the keypad one or something simpler. Because the present does not make an easy selection.
I really appreciate your fervent work that has made it so easy to learn hymns on one's own.
More strength and wisdom from the Lord,
Yours in Him,
Simon Akpaglo
Friday, Sep 11, 2020 : 03:47

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