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Jesus, Our Lord, Thou Morning Star

by Miss A. E. Price (1838-1919)

Tune: Beatitudo C.M.

1 JESUS, our Lord, Thou Morning Star,
How well we know Thy name,
Jesus, the Lord, the Crucified,
In glory still the same.

2 Jesus, the One who left the throne
To save a ruined race,
Thy love and lowliness still shine
Upon Thy glorious face.

3 Jesus, the One who trod the earth,
The lowly, subject One,
Obedience unto death was Thine,
God's well-beloved Son!

4 Jesus, what memories thrill our hearts
Of Thy blest footprints here,
While now to heaven our eyes we turn
And gaze upon Thee there!

5 Jesus, our Saviour, quickly come!
That we may with Thee be;
Heaven's morning breaks and glory dawns,
When Thy blest face we see.

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