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Lord Jesus, Homeless Stranger

by J.N. Darby

Tune: St. Alphege

1 LORD Jesus, homeless Stranger,
Thou dearest Friend to me,
An outcast in a manger,
That Thou might'st with us be;

2 We gaze upon Thy meekness,
The manger and the cross;
We cling to Thee in weakness
Through suffering, pain, and loss.

3 We see the Godhead-glory
Shine through that human veil;
And, willing, hear the story
Of love come here to heal.

4 But who Thy path of service,
Thy steps removed from ill,
Thy patient love to serve us,
With human tongue can tell?

5 'Mid sin, and all corruption,
Where hatred did abound,
Thy path of true perfection
Shed light on all around.

6 O'er all, Thy perfect goodness
Rose blessedly divine;
Poor hearts oppressed with sadness
Found ever rest in Thine.

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