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Though Deep, O Lord, Our Sorrow

by O. L. Barnes

Tune: Aurelia

1 THOUGH deep, O Lord, our sorrow
When earthly ties are rent,
We wait the glorious morrow
When life's last day is spent;
To see Thee, Lord, in glory
With all Thy loved ones there,
At home --- O wondrous story! ---
God's endless rest to share.

2 There we shall see the answer
To all Thy grief and shame;
For ever then in nearness
We'll magnify Thy name.
But now Thy love sustains us,
Sore though the hour of grief;
What solace, O Lord Jesus,
In Thee to find relief!

3 As resting in Thy will, Lord,
We prove Thy wondrous love;
The Spirit's power and comfort
Lift our poor hearts above,
Beyond earth's mortal dwelling,
To yonder glory bright,
Where endless anthems swelling
Shall soon our hearts delight.

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