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We Have A Home Above

by Henry Bennett (1813-1868)

Tune: Franconia S.M.

1 WE have a home above,
From sin and sorrow free;
A mansion which eternal love
Prepared our rest to be.

2 The Father's gracious hand
Has built this blest abode;
From everlasting it was planned;
The dwelling-place of God.

3 The Saviour's precious blood
Has made our title sure;
He passed through death's dark raging flood
To make our rest secure.

4 The Comforter is come,
The Earnest has been given;
He leads us onward to the home
Reserved for us in heaven.

5 Thy love, most gracious Lord,
Our joy and strength shall be,
Till Thou shalt speak the gladdening word
That bids us rise to Thee.

6 And then through endless days,
Where all Thy glories shine,
In happier, holier strains we'll praise
The grace that made us Thine.

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