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Bride Of The Lamb, Awake, Awake

by Sir Edward Denny

Tune: Ortonville C.M.

1 BRIDE of the Lamb, awake, awake;
Why sleep for sorrow now?
The hope of glory, Christ, is thine,
A child of glory thou.

2 Thy spirit, through the lonely night,
From earthly joy apart,
Hath sighed for one that's far away,
The Bridegroom of thy heart.

3 But see, the night is waning fast,
The breaking morn is near;
And Jesus comes, with voice of love,
Thy drooping heart to cheer.

4 He comes, for, oh! His yearning heart
No more can bear delay,
To scenes of full unmingled joy
To call His bride away.

5 This earth, the scene of all His woe,
A homeless wild to thee,
Full soon upon His heavenly throne
Its rightful King shall see.

6 Thou too shalt reign; He will not wear
His crown of joy alone;
And earth His royal bride shall see
Beside Him on the throne.

7 Then weep no more; 'tis all thine own,
His crown, His joy divine;
And sweeter far than all beside,
He, He Himself, is thine.

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