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Lord, Thou Hast Sought, And With Blood Thou Hast Bought Me

by John Thomas Mawson

Tune: Only Remembered P.M.

Tune: Only Remembered P.M.
* Only verse 1

1 LORD, Thou hast sought, and with blood Thou hast bought me,
Snapped are my fetters, the captive is free;
Out of my sins unto God Thou hast brought me:
Holy Redeemer, I sing unto Thee.
O Thou art worthy! O Thou art worthy!
O Thou art worthy! God's glorious Son;
Ever in heaven my glad heart shall praise Thee,
Ever remembering the work Thou hast done.

2 Great was the love, Lord, that brought Thee from glory,
Great the compassion that led Thee to die,
Great is the joy of Thy wondrous salvation,
Great is Thy glory, my Saviour, I cry.

3 Nought but Thy favour can please me, O Saviour,
Nought but Thy love can my soul satisfy;
O keep me near Thee, and ne'er let me grieve Thee,
Fill Thou my heart with Thy grace from on high.

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