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We Bless Thee, God And Father

by Alexander Carruthers (1860-1930)

Tune: Dublin

Tune: Dublin

Tune: Dublin

1 WE bless Thee, God and Father,
We joy before Thy face;
Beyond dark death for ever,
We share Thy Son's blest place.
He lives a Man before Thee,
In cloudless light above,
In Thine unbounded favour ---
Thine everlasting love.

2 His Father, and our Father,
His God and ours Thou art;
And He is Thy Beloved,
The gladness of Thy heart.
We're His, in joy He brings us
To share His part and place;
To know Thy love and favour,
The shining of Thy face.

3 Thy love that now enfolds us
Can ne'er wax cold or dim;
In Him that love doth centre,
And we are loved in Him;
In Him Thy love and glory
Find their eternal rest;
The many sons --- His brethren ---
In Him, how near, how blest!

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