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Thy Name We Bless, Lord Jesus

by S.P. Tregelles

Tune: Cyprus Iambic

1 THY name we bless, Lord Jesus,
That name all names excelling;
How great Thy love all praise above
Should every tongue be telling.
The Father's loving-kindness
In giving Thee was shown us;
Now by Thy blood redeemed to God,
As children He doth own us.

2 From that eternal glory
Thou hadst with God the Father,
He gave His Son that He in one
His children all might gather:
Our sins were all laid on Thee,
God's wrath Thou hast endured;
It was for us Thou sufferedst thus,
And hast our peace secured.

3 Thou from the dead wast raised,
And from all condemnation
Thy saints are free, as risen in Thee,
Head of the new creation.
On high Thou hast ascended
To God's right hand in heaven,
The Lamb once slain, alive again,
To Thee all power is given.

4 Thou hast bestowed the earnest
Of that we shall inherit;
Till Thou shalt come to take us home,
We're sealed by God the Spirit.
We wait for Thy returning,
When we shall know more fully
The grace divine that made us Thine,
Thou Lamb of God most holy.

Elizabeth Smith said ...
A well loved hymn and tune and appreciate the opportunity to refresh our memories.
Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018 : 08:51

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