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Lord Jesus! Source Of Every Grace

by J.N. Darby

Tune: Orlington C.M.

Tune: Orlington C.M.

1 LORD Jesus! source of every grace,
Glorious in light divine,
Soon shall we see Thee face to face,
And in that glory shine,

2 Be ever with Thee, hear Thy voice,
Unhindered then shall taste
The love which doth our hearts rejoice,
Though absent in this waste.

3 In peaceful wonder we adore
The thoughts of love divine,
Which in that world, for evermore,
Unite our lot with Thine.

Nick Fleet said ...
This is one example where the compilers should have added a fermata to the notes at the end of lines 2 and 3 (instead of putting them where they don't belong, eg in #215 at the ends of lines 1, 3, and 4 where they are not in the orginal score).
Sunday, Jun 20, 2021 : 20:58

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