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From Various Cares Our Hearts Retire

by J. Gambold (1711-1771)

Tune: Kingston

1 FROM various cares our hearts retire,
Though deep and boundless their desire,
We've now to please but One,
Him, before whom each knee shall bow,
With Him is all our business now,
And those that are His own.

2 With these our happy lot is cast,
Through the world's deserts rude and waste,
Or through its gardens fair;
Whether the storms of trouble sweep,
Or all in dead supineness sleep,
To advance be all our care.

3 O Lord, the way, the truth, the life,
Henceforth let sorrow, doubt and strife
Drop off like autumn leaves;
Henceforth, as privileged by Thee,
Simple and undistracted be
The soul which to Thee cleaves.

4 Let us our feebleness recline
On that eternal love of Thine,
And human thoughts forget;
Childlike attend what Thou wilt say,
Go forth and serve Thee while 'tis day,
Nor leave our sweet retreat.

Steve said ...
While recently browsing in a BOOK AID (charity) Christian bookshop, I found a little used 1981 music copy of Spiritual Songs.

Looking a bit deeper, I stumbled across this site, and what a blessing it has already been - even though I am only about half way through.

It is great to see the words on the screen while the hymns are being sung.

Having been brought up on the Little Flock hymn book (various editions) and the Darby translation of the Bible, many of these hymns are familiar.

Listening to "In Our Time" on BBC Radio 4 this morning, dealing with the Rapture, John Nelson Darby was talked about quite a lot.

There are some good strong female voices coming through on many of your sound-tracks (from various location), and in a "movement" that has been (and probably still is) dominated by men, we should never under-estimate the power of ministry in song.

For those who still take simple services in nursing homes, dementia sufferers may not be able to remember what they had for breakfast that morning, but may well be able to sing along with songs from their (Sunday) School days.

Some of my favourite hymns were written by women, and when instruments are used to accompany songs, often the female touch is the sweetest.

I see that there are still some lovely hymns for which there is currently no sound-track, whereas others feature many different versions.

If others receive a similar blessing to that which I have already received, then all your efforts are really worthwhile, and it would be lovely to be able to hear all 500 hymns sung all the way through.

I will now listen to some more hymns.

Many thanks,


Thursday, Sep 26, 2019 : 20:37
Tom said ...

Thanks for your message Steve,

For others, the program you mention can be listened to here: Our friend Crawford Gribben was one of the guests, so it is well worth listening to.

I have recently began finishing off uploading the remaining hymns. Well actually when I started this 5 years ago now, we didn't even have recordings of them all, but in the mean time this has been achieved!

Friday, Sep 27, 2019 : 00:38
Steve said ...
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your speedy response.

Not sure that you have the correct link for the BBC Radio 4 "In Our Time" program.

I look forward to hearing the remaining hymns in due course.


Friday, Sep 27, 2019 : 06:38
Michael said ...

Here is a better link to the BBC programme:

Friday, Sep 27, 2019 : 06:49
Tom said ...
Thanks, yeah that's the right one .. i've updated my link too.
Friday, Sep 27, 2019 : 06:50

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