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Saviour, Before Thy Face We Fall

by Samuel Medley (1738-1799)

Tune: Walton L.M.

1 SAVIOUR, before Thy face we fall,
Our Lord, our life, our hope, our all;
For we have nowhere else to flee,
No sanctuary, Lord, but Thee.

2 In Thee we every glory view
Of safety, strength and beauty too;
'Tis all our rest and peace to see
Our sanctuary, Lord, in Thee.

3 Whatever foes or fears betide,
In Thy blest presence let us hide;
And while we rest our souls on Thee,
Thou shalt our sanctuary be.

4 Through time, with all its changing scenes
And all the grief that intervenes,
Let this support each fainting heart,
That Thou our sanctuary art.

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